Product Design + Development

Fashion Bath Accessories

I have over a decade of experience designing, developing, managing, and marketing fashion home décor in several different categories - part of this experience is decorative/fashion. From basics to high-end luxury looks, my designs have been sold in most U.S. retail chains and smaller boutique stores, as well as distributed through online channels. I'm adept at working with manufacturers, sales teams, and buyers.

Metal  bathroom accessories - product designCement and wood  
bathroom accessories - product designLemongrass Décor website UX/UI visual asset designLemongrass Décor product design

Smart Accessories

Smart Accessories (bath products) solved several consumer pain points, discovered through interviews and market research - for Mayzon they were the first in this product category placed nationwide with Walmart.

I was responsible for leading the market research, product designs/3D concept renderings, and personally creating the identity of the brand. These products were produced in the U.S. and were a huge success. The concept was carried over to several other categories gaining placement with different retail channels.

Fashion Hardware & Accessories

Window hardware, bath hardware, functional bath, gift, and table-top are additional categories I have designed for over the years. I love creating the novelty designs because I am able to use my creativity to produce engaging products.

Widow finial - product designstep tones - product design, art, packaging and branding designStep can 3D drawing in exploded view


Early in my design career, I was fortunate to work with teams developing coordinates, textile and pattern design for U.S. retailers. It's rewarding to see your designs printed on or woven into fabric. In addition to digital design, I have also hand-painted patterns while working for India Ink and others in Los Angeles, CA.

Lanai seashell textile design

3D Designs & Product Renderings

My 3D design skills have benefitted my product development process. 3D design, modeling, and renderings have improved product ideation, sampling, production, and sales by creating a truer image of the final product.

crow - blender 3d sculpturesea turtle - blender 3D sculptureblender 3D illustration of surreal tree with skate board fruit

Trend Boards & Style Guides

My product development process includes developing trend boards and style guides. These are a few samples created for Lemongrass Décor when I designed their initial line. these boards retain a key role from concept to marketing the products.

Legacy and my other designs of Titan Never Rust  fashion bathroom accessories were promoted and featured in the Manhattan, NY Bed Bath & Beyond storefront.

Working for over a decade with India Ink, Zenith Home, and Maytex (now under the Mayzon brand) I have followed the interior design market and home furnishing industry trends.

I have been fortunate to lead and manage product design across multiple categories in the home fashion décor industry, from ideation to manufacturing, as well as lead sample teams in collaborative and inclusive ways.

My responsibilities as a product manager, developing hard-goods and textiles included performing market and trend research; new product ideation and brainstorming; sketching, 3D design, CADs/Specifications development, sample development, coordinating with overseas manufacturers, assisting with sales, and stylizing market-week showrooms in NY.

Because of the need and close relationship between logos, branding, packaging, and product design, I have developed strong hands-on design abilities for all of these mediums. I have a great amount of personal experience marketing these products across online sales channels from private to larger platforms including, Wayfair, Amazon, Shopify, and Faire.

I have also developed valuable 3D design skills in addition to my Adobe Creative Suite knowledge. I am proficient with Adobe Creative Cloud (Suite) as well as some of the most popular 3D software design applications including Rhino, Solidworks, Blender, and Fusion 360. I have experience using Keyshot for rendering!