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Additional Design Projects

Below are examples of past projects covering logo creation, branding, e-commerce & brochure websites, packaging and product design.

My Role

Project lead and designer for all projects - including research, ideation, illustration, coding, product design & development, brand development, and 3D design, of all projects.

Tico & The Man

If you don't know Tico and The Man you should check them out - watch them here on YouTube. This duo, emerging from the COVID lockdown and bringing us something positive from the pandemic, is a blast! I had fun watching them rise to stardom and become leading YouTube creators, as well as helping them with their logo, products, and e-commerce site.


The full-color illustrative logo captures Tico's star personality, incorporates the famous Gibson Sunburst colors, and is easily identifiable on YouTube and social media platforms.

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Tico and the Man digitally illustrated logo design
Tico & The Man logo.

E-commerce Website

The e-commerce site for Tico & The Man furthers the connection to followers by allowing them to buy branded merchandise. I designed and developed the logo, e-commerce website, and visual assets. I provided the copy content & writing style, and initial product photography. I contributed using my product development experience to assist with the sourcing and development of the merchandise.

Tico and The Man website prototype design - UX/UI design
Tico & The Man e-commerce site.

Anatomy of Good Designer

Animation & Interactive Design

The self-promotional creative asset "Anatomy of A Good Designer" is a Lottie file created and exported from After Effects, and finally combined with HTML elements. I took the opportunity while developing this portfolio to see what was possible for controlling the vector animation with interactions. I think a great communication tool for informative, educational, and marketing uses.

play animation - creative mind
play animation - sharp eye for detail
play animation - empathetic listener
play animation - savvy communicator

Interactive Portfolio

The demo-video below is an older interactive portfolio where I wanted to demonstrate my illustration and animation abilities. From creating the dragonfly art with translucent wings, to coding the interactive animation, I developed the entire product. The portfolio was a success - landing a great job where I worked for over 13 years.

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

While working as a UX/UI designer with ICF (Z-Tech) I was fortunate to be the lead designer on the Department of Health & Human Services contract. I was responsible for creating websites: interactive apps; leading the redesign of the National Institute of Health's website; and designing related print collateral for the Office of Communications. I assisted our team in usability studies; client presentations; as well as assisted with testing. I also obtained a high-level security clearance which permitted me to design and develop an online-census UI.

NIH Mockup Prototypes

National Institutes of Health website redesign prototype - UX/UI design
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National Institutes of Health website redesign prototype - UX/UI design
Prototype concept developed for the NIH redesign.

NIH Calorie Counter

The Info Diner interactive prototype was created for the NIH Office of Communications. The challenge was to demonstrate how caloric intake significantly increases by our food choices. This prototype was used to demonstrate the app's functionality. I was responsible for creating the illustrations, developing the interactions and animations, and coding the action script.

Demo video of the interactive NIH Calorie Counter App.

NIH Interactive Almanac - Demo Video

The Almanac is the history of the NIH to date and is distributed publicly. This product was the first truly interactive version allowing users to scroll through an animated timeline of the past directors and different institutions, a photo gallery, and other information about the types of research being conducted and its featured scientists.

Demo video of the interactive NIH Almanac.

Double-O Salon

Eagle Rock, California Double-O Salon needed help updating its logo, and refreshing its brand and website. The boutique salon identifies its brand as being industrial-chic.

Logo FInal

Double-O Salon final logo design

Logo Options


Chico's requested a case study for improving its e-commerce website.

Logos, Packaging & Product Design

I have considerable experience with product design and development - the concentration of design has been in the home fashion décor industry. Because of the need, and close relationship between logos, branding, packaging, and product design, I have developed strong, practical, real-world, design abilities for all of these mediums. These experiences have solidified my appreciation for the importance of human-centered design.

Smart Accessories

Packaging and hardgoods product design for Smart Accessories - this domestically produced product was a huge success with placement at U.S. Walmart stores. The product design was based on and accomplished solving several end-user pain points.

You can view more of my Industrial Design work here.

smart accessories - product and packaging design
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3D rendering I created to demonstrate the final products and the packaging direction for Smart Acccessories.

Industrial Design

Working for India Ink, Zenith, and Maytex (now all under Mayzon) I was fortunate to lead and manage product design across multiple categories, and develop 3D design skills using Solidworks, Blender, Fusion 360, and Rhino.

Step Tones

While working with India Ink, we consistently looked for new product ideas. One of these was a step can waste basket which plays a sound when used. This idea was derived from the old theme park waste baskets that played a sound when someone used them. Our team believed that customers, specifically children, would be inspired to use the step can more often and be inspired to 'keep it clean.' The project was a success with several styles being placed with a U.S. national retail chain.

My role involved branding & logo design, product name idea 'Step Tones,' creating the illustrations, packaging, and the production sound files. I created the print-ready files for the art and packaging, product specifications, and worked directly with the manufacturer on producing the first samples, and production manufacturing.

Step can and packaging - product and logo design
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Step Tones packaging and product design.